Murray Yanker, Food Stylist

murray Yanker is a Food Stylist in New York City. She has worked in television, publishing, corporate America, recipe/menu development, and consulting with industry leaders.  She is passionate about cooking, restaurants, and travel.

She is a food stylist to the stars for many Television shows like Dr. Oz, & The Wendy Williams show, etc. (see clients/credits).

Ms. Yanker has worked with Delta Air Lines globally doing Menu Development, Recipe analysis, testing, and costing.  She has won several food industry awards from IFSA for innovative food service and menu design.  Other corporate America food related work includes Kraft Foods, Unilever, Bertolli Olive Oil among others.

Ms. Yanker is the former food editor & stylist for downtown nyc magazine where she spent her time overseeing the publication of magazine articles, web articles, while acting as the "in house" food stylist.

Ms. Yanker is currently a member of the James Beard Foundation (JBF), International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP), the Southern Foodways Alliance (SFA) and the American Institute of Wine & Food (AIWF).  She is also charitably involved in the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). She has invested in several restaurant projects in the United States.  She is currently working on a children’s nutritional cooking book and a food related travel show.

Ms. Yanker graduated with honors from the Institute of Culinary Education. She holds a B.A. from the University of South Carolina with honors from the Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism School.